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guns's Journal

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Things that go bang, and the people who love them.

Maintained by ernunnos. Posting privileges restricted to members only, updated on a semi-regular basis. go here if you want them sooner.

The rules:

1. Post about guns.
2. Post pictures of guns, and of people enjoying guns.
3. If it's not about guns, it will be deleted. If it's repetitious, it will be deleted. If it's about hating guns, it will be deleted. If it only mentions guns as an aside to promoting a particular political or religious ideology, it will be deleted. We welcome all gun enthusiasts, regardless of color, creed, or choice of orifice.

Most of us are capitalists though, so if the firearm you're showing off happens to be for sale, feel free to mention it. Or any other new gun-related product or service you offer, subject to the rules above.

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