Salamander MangyMoose (ohari) wrote in guns,
Salamander MangyMoose

Forgive me father, for I have sinned. Also, Hm, never seen that before.

So a question and a confession, all in one, and even though I'm almost never on LJ anymore I figured you guys could answer the one and mock me appropriately on the other.

My every day gun is an RIA 1911, the GI model. I've had a professional trigger job done, bobbed hammer and beavertail grip safety and sights. It shoots better than I do. I used to shoot IPSC before multiple injuries made me non-competitive, whch made it no fun anymore, but while I was doing that the guy who got me started raved about Chip McCormick mags, so I have several. I went to far as to replace the springs and followers in the OEM mags that came with the pistol with the same parts that were in my old "race" mags.
Yesterday, at my local indoor range, one of those OEM mags failed beautifully. After firing the last shot not only did the pistol not lock open, it stripped the follower out of the magazine and chambered it. Well, almost, anyway. When I hit the magazine release the mag popped loose but didn't fall, when I pulled it out the spring stayed, it also pulled out with no effort. I had to take the slide off the frame to get the the follower out of the chamber, and pitched the pieces in my bag for later inspection. The feed lips are quite obviously spread, the other OEM mag is the same but to a lesser degree... So question is, can I bend these back into shape, or should I just pitch them? I've not dealt with this before, so I don't know if a "fixed" magazine will be reliable at all...

And confession time. Got home from the range and my buddy and I are cleaning pistols, just a quick clean before dinner is ready. I finish, load and holster and start looking at magazines. The one in the pistol had not been used - I always keep one filled with my defensive ammo on me on the range, in case someone decides to go stupid - and I decided I wanted to check that one too, so I unholstered, cleared the pistol and laid it on the table. I was still fiddling with magazines when I got the "dinner's ready, clear the table" call. I reached out, not looking, picked up my pistol and ... "Click". Yup. Finger on the trigger as I grabbed it, and I'd dropped the hammer on a fortunately empty chamber. *hangs head in shame*
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