roadrash1970 (roadrash1970) wrote in guns,

Poll for the reloaders

How often are you annealing your brass rifle cases? Do you have a different schedule for one caliber vs another?

Reason I ask is based on web reading there seems to be a mix, some anneal every time, some every 3-4th round fired, some very infrequently (ie once then done for the life of the case).

I guess it does somewhat depends on the caliber we're talking as well? Since some can be harder on the case than others or does not not even matter (firing hardens and that is a constant regardless of caliber/stress). My own personal feeling at this time is some of them like 6.5 Creedmoor are pretty easy on the cases so annealing shouldn't be required very often. .300WM is a bit tougher on the cases however, that said, both rifles are match chambers and I'm keeping the brass separated for each rifle. They've been annealed at least once and I'm starting to notice that with neck sizing only, there really isn't that much "working" of the case required, so do you think I should take that to assume that annealing the big .300's can be done less often?

Thoughts, opinions?

Oh yeah and are we EVER going to see decent components come back in quantity? I found some magnum primers (no matches available) and am working on getting more RL-22, but WOW.... this is not only a's top dollar. Annoyed with that but don't have a choice right now. It's been raining pretty much all weekend, so labor day weekend turned into reloading weekend :-)
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