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The defuglification of a .270 using Aluma-Hyde II

So I was given this fugly .270 after my father-in-law passed. The gun is a real bastardized piece of work. It's a FN receiver, but it has been rebarreled and restocked. The stock was "weatherized" and is hideous. It's tan in color, but appears pink under fluorescent light. It's FUGLY!!!

My problem is that it's a nail driver. At 100 yards with the 4x scope I can create a ragged hole all day long. It is such a fine shooting gun, but it's embarrassing to be seen with.

So I decided that it needed a update. I bought some of Brownell's Aluma-Hyde II in Earth Brown and gave it a go. After it cured I decided to take it further and camouflage it.

Closeup shot

Closeup shot

You can see they just scratched 270 Win in the barrell.

Prior to painting.

After 5 coats of Earth Brown Aluma-Hyde II.

I decided to go ahead and paint the barrel and receiver.

After 5 coats of Earth Brown Aluma-Hyde II.

Reassembled after air curing for 30 days in my loft.

Close up shot.

It was too dark for my part of the world so I wanted to break up the lines.

Final product.

Final product.
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