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Private Pyle......What is your major malfunction numbnuts?

Had three great days at SIG this week. Weather was super hot (90's) high humidity, no shade, but had a blast, met some great folks from all over the Country.

OK, so here are some pictures from the Precision Scoped Rifle course in case you’re interested….

200 yard line, Those black specs are steel torso targets. Funniest moment of the class? While running a stress drill, called "rolling thunder" I was the last to shoot before going onto to the next step which meant I had to take twice as many shots as all the other shooters, just due to the fact I was in the last position on the line. Note: I got that spot due to the "Bravo Foxtrot Brake on the end of the .300"

Our instructor was in the Marine Corps as a DI/sniper instructor for 22 years…. When I failed to get another round chambered quickly enough, he immediately reverted back to his Marine Corps days. Now, picture being yelled at from across the line, in the R. Lee. Ermy Drill instructor voice!. “You….. ON the end… We’re WAITING ON YOU SWEETHEART” and everyone to a man was almost in tears laughing, as was I... That has got to be my favorite moment of the class.

200 yard groups… the center is a 1” white square had to take 10 shots. With a little more time, probably could have dialed in a small correction on the scope.

300 Yard line….can hardly see the black specs. You can see a distant dirt area, higher than the others, between the pickup and the 300 yard targets, That is the 750 yard impact area.

Zoomed view with a 300 yard torso target far left edge of the picture. 750 with three torso’s and a 10 foot by 10 foot steel square that has a white center.

Obviously I couldn’t aim and take a picture at the same time, but I used a Nikon cool-pics to look through the Nightforce 22x scope at torso targets from 750 yards. This is at 22x magnification and shows a small portion of the MOAR reticle. Camera also can not duplicate the human eye but when looking through the scopes, the images are perfectly sharp and in focus.

This is also a torso target at 750 yards, but this was taken through the NF 42x benchrest scope at maximum magnifications. Slightly different reticle... NP-R1 Same, picture is not in Focus but the human eye see’s the image perfectly clear and sharp.

I didn’t make it to the final rounds of the class competition. (case stuck in the gun, had to go to backup gun very quickly)… however… I did put 2 out of 4 shots into the neck of one of these at 750 yards from a more awkward prone position with no bags, just the bipod and my stock Browning A-bolt. I’m super happy with that.

Got an amazing amount of information once again from SIG. Even on things that I thought I knew for 35+ years, turns out I know exactly BUPKISS :-) Even things like rifle cleaning... they teach a variety of ways for every task and they let YOU decide which you want to use. Very seldom (with the exception of safety) is there only one way to do something at SIG, and I LOVE that about their courses.

Due to thunderstorms and rain we were not able to get to the 1000 yard shooting position however even 750 was beyond my expectations so I'm happy. Next course would be advanced precision rifle which does more from 750 and 1000. Next class after that is a one day course titled reaching for 1000, which is ALL on the 1K yard line.

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