Fearsclave (fearsclave) wrote in guns,

And we have Royal Assent!

Bill C-19, the Ending the Long Gun Registry Act was signed into law by Canada's Governor General today, which means that the failed and loathed long gun registry is dead. Deletion of the registry data for guns registered to licensed owners in all provinces but Quebec begins at midnight.

The Quebec government has obtained a temporary injunction in Quebec Superior Court halting destruction of the Quebec registry data, which it claims to want as a basis for its own planned registry, but given that it is on extremely shaky Constitutional grounds, the informed view is that this is just political grandstanding, and that the injunction will be shot down once the Court examines it on its merits. Quebec, by the way, makes California look like Montana in terms of attitudes towards firearms.

Words cannot express my happiness, and I will savour turning my registration certificates into ballistic confetti. Of course, there are still a number of glaring problems with the Firearms Act that are in dire need of fixing, but the Canadian gun rights movement has momentum on our side. We have a favourable government that fully understands our political importance as a swing constituency and source of donations and volunteers, with four years left in its mandate, and our antis are increasingly irrelevant and discredited. And we are growing in strength and confidence. I have high hopes for further reforms to the Firearms Act in the coming years.

Expect video of my ballistically shredding my registration certificates in a few weeks.

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