Brady (bradythekid) wrote in guns,

Old revolver

I've got an old gun I'd like to try to find some info about, but I can't seem to have much luck just searching the net. So I figured, what a better place to ask than here :)

The gun was a gift from my father, who bought it from a used gun shop sometime back in the 70's or 80's. It's a standard 6-shot revolver that fires a .22 LR. There are several markings on it, which I'll list so that maybe they can help identify it.

First, and most obvious, "RG" is engraved on the plastic grip.

Right below the cylinder on the right side of the gun, it reads "RG IND MIAMI FLA." I looked up this "RG industries," but all I could find was some company that makes computer parts or something.

Next, there is a marking on the butt of the grip, which I'm assuming is a serial number. It reads "C 311480"

On the right side of the barrel it says "MADE IN GERMANY," but that one is pretty self-explanatory.

On the left of the barrel, there is a series of letters that I'm unsure of. "ROHM GMBH SONTHE IM/BRZ."

And below that is "Mod 66 CAL 22 MAGNUM".

If anyone has any info, or could point me in the direction of where to find some.. It'd be greatly appriciated. :)
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