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Recent happenings

Here is a post that spans several topics and some pics. After returning from AK we came to the realization that when they say bring a .44mag as a MINIMUM into the woods, they aren't kidding. The more I thought about it, a .44 is great as a sidearm but if we were to spend any amount of time camping in the wilds of AK, then I'd need (insert justification here) a better Bear Gun.

Also, and update on the whole Accurate Ordnance saga, Nightforce and a LOT of ammo sitting on the table.

First Up? The new Alaskan Camp Rifle :-) Found a used SOCOM with 4 spare mags for a decent price on GB. This should fill the role nicely. My only complaint is the pic rail system and its non customizable construction. This is the pic without the bottom portion which comes off without tools, so that's good but the side rails can not be moved to other locations or removed. Overall though very happy with it.. they are solid/proven and it did really well at the range. Probably one of the few I'll leave as-is with no optics.

Here is what the gear looked like before the class at SIG. All of this ammo is now gone, so I've got to get back into manufacturing mode to replace all of this before the next class which is about a month away.

250+ rounds of .300WM with 200gr sierra's also some 6.5mm Creedmoor. Good thing I took the backup rifle and ammo as 1) got a chance to try them both at distance and 2) when the .300 got a case stuck in the middle of a string, was able to move over to the Browning which was sitting right next to me and continue the drill.

K, so here is part of the update from the Accurate Ordnance saga. The new iteration now has a FAT BASTARD brake on it, which is a nice to have. I was also able to purchase my old MTU barrel and an action at cost without being charged for any of the work since it was originally mine anyway and they could not sell it as new. To find a root cause to all the issues after my Rifle was returned with the M24 (pictured), they threw my old BRUX MTU onto a stiller action, FB Brake and the same jewel trigger. Not surprisingly it shot in the teens as well but they had to basically put it on a shelf as it would only be useful for their shop and they lost all the $$$ on two of these. That's when I asked if they would sell it back to me for just the cost of the metal (not the machining or brake or anything else) so all in all, i think that part worked out really well. Now that both are confirmed, I may stick the M24 barrel/action in the safe for a future build, maybe something with a McMillan since the M24 is WAY lighter than the MTU. The MTU, now with cerekote tungsten is sitting in my AICS chassis.

Now, as far as Nightforce goes, they are sending me a new ATACR 5-25x56mm MOAR as a replacement for my faulty 8-32x56mm NXS's Every one that was tested was flawed and would not hold a zero. Not surprisingly NF is discontinuing the 8-32 nxs (all other NXS scopes perform fine) with the exception of that one model. So, I'm happy that they are taking care of me by upgrading my glass. Had they not, I would have NEVER purchased another NF product. Now that I've had the chance to shoot at distances much longer than I thought possible, I'm not upset by the fact the ATACR only goes to 25... I see no issue working with a lower magnification now where-as previously I would have been disappointed that it wasn't the 32x. Amazing what you can learn :-)

So that's it... Been busy, but having fun and now moving back into reloading another 300 rounds... Will check the times this round, since the effort and investment to get consistent rounds can be enormous. Guessing maybe 5-6 minutes per finished round throughout the process?

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