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Barrel Harmonics

Evidently, some do not understand "barrel harmonics" and how to "tune" your rifle. Here is a not so short and not so sweet post about it.

Barrel vibrations that travel from the chamber after ignition, to the muzzle, then back and forth like waves on a pond are what is called "barrel harmonics." It is paramount to accuracy that your bullet reach the muzzle as the vibrations are at the chamber just starting to head back to the muzzle. To "tune" your rifle you need to determine how much of a charge your cartridge will need with the specific components selected, to achieve that end. When one load develops, they are attempting to "find the sweet spot." Or one of "those sweet spots," since there are a few or more of them depending on the cartridge.

If your bullet is exiting the barrel at the time the vibrations are at the muzzle, inconsistency/inaccuracy is the result. No powder scale could precisely weigh the powder in order to get right on an individual ripple to throw the bullet a specific direction and distance consistently. If your bullet reaches the muzzle at the same time as the vibrations do, willy-nilly is the result.

If someone is shooting sub-moa at 400 yards, no matter where that bullet is landing relative to other loads in that rifle, they have "found the sweet spot" or are damn close!

I think that is why so many think I am lying or dismiss my posts of range results, they just don't understand how a factory rifle can shoot that well because they have no clue.
I've seen lots of shooters that load their own cartridges; many simply load until they see pressure signs then back off a tenth of a grain or so thinking they have the best load. That is why their rifles shoot like shit and in turn why they refuse to believe anyone can do better!

Doubters, do yourselves a favor and look up Audette Ladder Testing. You probably should read-up on barrel harmonics while you are at it.
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