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UPDATE: Projects guns for sale (PLUS CZ-26 parts kit)

IF you like tinkering with guns. I've got some project rifles I"ll be selling. I don't have pictures taken right now, send me an email if you're interested and I'll get some taken and can get extra shots of anything you're particularly curious about.

Here's what I'm getting rid of.

Sporterized german ww2 mauser, ($100.00)

I bought it a long long time ago. It looks like it was a ww2 bring back that someone sportered. It is still in 8mm, has a bent, swept back, and plated bolt. Someone turned the steps off of this thing, looks like a pro job. it's been drilled and tapped for a scope. I think one of the main screws (that hold the mag to the receiver) has broken about halfway down in to it's hole. Shouldn't be too hard to get out. I just never got to it. Most of the markings are gone except for a small faint nazi eagle stamp on the receiver. This weapon looks to be pre-60's and thus has no serial numbers. (which is totally legal as it was grandfathered in). It's basically a bolt, barrel, and reciever with all small parts, in an ATI stock. I think I have the mag and trigger guard laying around as the ATI stock has all that built into it.

Turkish mauser 8mm. ($100.00)

It's a turk mauser, all the parts should be there minus maybe one or two screws, and a buttplate for the stock. The stock is in good condition but is from another turkish mauser and requires some fitting. I started in on this but I'm not big into working with wood so it was a pain in the ass and I decided to not touch it again.
CZ-24/26 SMG parts set (minus receiver and barrel, does have receiver stubs and attatche sights etc etc etc).
This is a great rare SMG set in 7.62x25. Would make a great dummy gun or semi-auto build. I can't locate the barrel for it, however I have seen them for sale on Comes with one mag. I also have 6 additional mags for sale at 15.00 ea.

Shipping for the rifles is 20.00 each via USPS, shipping for the parts kit will be 10.00

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