Ulfrikr (wolfrick) wrote in guns,

Parts help for a Llama .45 Extractor

I need some serious help, my brethren.
I have been asked (and trusted!) by my favorite college professor to fix his ailing Llama .45ACP. This gun belonged to his father and has great sentimental value for him.
Here's the issue: the gun is basically a 1911 with an alloy frame. It is in good working order, except that it fails to extract, leaving the catridge case in the chamber.
The extractor is not the same round part as in the original 1911. Instead, it's a hinged piece that slots into the right-hand-side of the slide, and is pinned in with a roll pin.
I have not been able to fire the pistol yet to verify the symptom reported to me. Visually, the hook on the extractor appears intact, not broken or cracked, but it is very smooth and I suspect that it is just worn down.
Does anyone have a source for Llama parts?
He gave it to me because he knows that I will fix it even if I have to MAKE a replacement extractor with a hunk of 4130 and a set of files. But I'd rather not have to do that.
PLEASE help me out. It's not like I need brownie points with him, but I do want to give him his dad's gun back in working order.
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