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Russian Margolin pistol (MCM)


In 1948 Michael Vladimirovich Margolin has created a pistol, already half a century known as "Margolin's Pistol". The designer who has received a rank of the deserved inventor of RSFSR, went to pistol creation, being blind (it has lost sight in the mid-twenties after a severe wound). In 1954 the Soviet sportsmen, acting in the World championship in Venezuela with Margolins, have won some gold medals.

As well as the majority of sports pistols in .22LR caliber, "Margolin" has a free slide and an open hammer with a safety cock. The length of a barrel of different updatings of 180 and 140 mm, a barrel with six grooves. The barrel, being comparatively light-weight, can be equipped with an under barrel weight for added steadyness. A guide rod spring is placed under a barrel. The mag contains 10 or 5 cartridges. The pistol front sight has the mechanism of adjustments on height rotation horizontally located scroll. Rear sight "Margolin" it is not connected with a slider, it is established on an arch in which aperture the shutter moves, and motionlessly fixed on a frame rear sight remains motionless. It and is that well-known "the Margolin arch" - such nickname has received at marksmen rear sight, located on a pistol frame.

Usually rear sight it is established on a casing a slide. But the slide inevitably has small backlash plays for trouble-free and smoother work because of what rear sight it is displaced in some limits, reducing a accuracy. "The Margolin arch" also does this weapon by one of the most accurate samples of the sports-training weapon. Any pioneer ideas, except "the Margolin arch" the pistol has no. But for elementary education to shooting or training it and is perfect gun. A very accurate, reliable and economically priced pistol of functional and simple design. Today "Margolin pistol" well known as "MCM" made by Izhevsky mekhanichesky zavod nowadays exporting of sporting-hunting guns from Russia with "Baikal" brand.

Caliber: .22LR
Overall length: 245 mm
Barrel length: 130 mm
Overall height: 140 mm
Overall width: 43 mm
Weight unloaded: 910 gr.
Capacity: 5 or 10 rounds

Vladislav Kashtanov 25.07.2009

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